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How to connect Metamask and CryptoPuzzle Smart Contract Wallet Security

How to mint a puzzle with Metamask Smart Contract Wallet Security

How to make an offer with Metamask Smart Contract Wallet Security

How to make a bid with Metamask Smart Contract Wallet Security

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How to link your wallet and mint on Mobile Smart Contract Wallet Security

What is the difference between a 'Piece' and a 'CryptoPuzzle' ? Rules NFT

Piece are part of a Set. There is 25 pieces for each Set. A CryptoPuzzle is made when a unique owner mint 25 pieces from the same set.

For example : Piece N°3 is from the SET#1. You need Piece N°1 up to Piece N°25 to make CryptoPuzzle 001.


How to obtain CryptoPuzzle ? Rules NFT

To acquire a CryptoPuzzle, there is two ways :

1) You can mint (create) a CryptoPuzzle by collecting all 25 pieces from the very same Set and mint them to create the CryptoPuzzle. Your pieces will be frozen in the process, and you will obtain a CryptoPuzzle and 3% from the jackpot.

2) If a CryptoPuzzle is already minted, you can buy it from the owner. Fullfill his offer, or emit a bid that he will eventually accept. P.S : you cannot force buy a CryptoPuzzle.

What is a 'ForceBuy' ? Rules NFT

Because every Pieces are uniques and must be used to mint a CryptoPuzzle, if any piece are lost, or the owner never sell it, a collector cannot complete a set where the token's majority. So we developped a 'ForceBuy' function.

You can ForceBuy a Piece you don't own by paying a certain amount in ETH, even if the owner don't want to sale (he didn't make offer), the sale will be Forced and you will obtain the piece. ForceBuy price increase over time and it's not cheap, but will help you complete a Set. You can only ForceBuy Piece N°1 to N°5000.

What is the difference between Saleb, Saleo, Salef ? Rules NFT

Sale B = Someone made a bid for a token, and the owner accepted it.

Sale O = An owner made an offer for his token, and a buyer fullfill the offer.

Sale F = Someone ForceBuy the piece, doesn't matter if there was an offer or a bid.

Can I mint a CryptoPuzzle ? Rules NFT

At initial distribution, you can only mint random Piece from N°1 to N°5000. To obtain a CryptoPuzzle, you must collect all 25 pieces from the same set and mint them together.

How do I gather pieces then ? Rules NFT

You can mint random Pieces at launch. If you're late to the party you will have to deal with other collectors. Buying their pieces, fullfill their offer or ForceBuy.

Is all the pieces CryptoPuzzle unique ? Ethereum NFT

Yes. All CryptoPuzzle are unique, first hundred (001-100) are Light Army Robot and second hundred (101-200) are Dark Army Robot. Pieces are shard from CryptoPuzzle.

On which blockchain CryptoPuzzle is ? Ethereum

CryptoPuzzle smart contract will be launch on Ethereum Blockchain Mainnet (layer 1). All transactions fees and profit will be paid in ETH (Ethereum CryptoCurrency).

How to interact with CryptoPuzzle' Smart Contract ? Wallet Security

There is a many ways to interact with our smart contract, the easiest one is to use Metamask (browser extension) and our website

Download Metamask for your browser :

'ALERT: Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.' in Metamask, what to do ? Wallet Security

If this error apprear on your wallet, DO NOT signe the transaction. There is 100% chance this transaction will not change anything on the contract, but you will still pay ether fees for that ! Possible reasons :

- Some function are not available anymore (like mint random) or not activated yet (forceBuy).

- Website is not in sync with the blockchain or some change happens seconds ago.

- You are viewing a's older version of itself (caching).

In short, do not accept the transaction !

Presale now mint value added
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