September 2O2O

First game design for the project, smart contract and marketplace. Adding force buy and taxe.

January 2O21

Project prototyping, for smart contrat and frontend app (market place) with Metamask integration. Final stages for game design.

March 2O21

Buying domain name ''.

April 2O21

Closed Alpha test with creators : first smart contract's deployment on Ropsten network (an EVM clone from Ethereum), and app is live.

May 2O21

Public Ropsten beta test 1. Adding features, increasing security, debugging.

July 2O21

Public Ropsten beta test 2. EIP-712's integration, offer and bid are now FREE (via message signature, same implementation as OpenSea).

10 October 2O21

Presale starting on Ethereum (Mainnet layer 1).

After launch

- Twitter and Discord giveaways everyday for one month.
- Partnership with influencers.
- WalletConnect support.
- More localisation on frontend app ''.
- ENS name support on owner page.
- Adding 'tag' for robots (flying, biped, swarn...).
- Statistics for sales, bids, offers, with chart.
- Discord bot
- Owner comparison.
- Currency support (USD, EURO etc.).
- Android and iOs app (PWA).

5000 Pieces

Each one are part of a 25 pieces Set.

200 CryptoPuzzles

Create when minting an entire Set.


ERC721 standard NFT token*

Collectible puzzle on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each puzzle is a 64bits pixel art robot from two factions :  Dark Army  versus  Light Army 

Chose your side and your Robot !


Mint are random

All 5000 pieces are mintable at launch. Price will be display on your wallet and immediately available to see on the website after you bought it.

Fair distribution for a fair investment.

Complete it

How to make a CryptoPuzzle

To make a CryptoPuzzle you need to collect and mint all 25 pieces from the same set. You'll earn as a bonus 5% from the CashPrize too !

CryptoPuzzle are endgame NFT token


Funded by sale taxes

90% mint fees are attributed to CashPrize then 3% from every sales. Complete a CryptoPuzzle to earn taxes from other !

Lose little to earn it big

Presale now mint value added
to pool prize, learn more

Hang out on our Discord! Join us in our Discord chat to talk with the developers and other CryptoPuzzle owners.